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 05/06/2015  Sponsorships, Extreme Crew

Andrea Leone’ s adventurous journey started almost one month ago. The Extreme Crew photographer, is crossing Iceland together with the Tregoo Power Station 40-120 which turned out to be essential for its photo reportage

It is a terrific tool which I use both for usb charge of my connection devices, such as telephone, tablet, GPS watch and whatever and obviously to exploit the 220V to charge the batteries of my camera and other equipment.



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The photographer of the Tregoo Tribe plunged himself completely into Iceland’s reality, characterized by an unspoiled and terribly tricky territory.

In this first period Andrea ought to cope with very unpleasant weather conditions: cold, wind, rain and hail have in fact contributed to make his journey even more extreme!

Despite the adverse weather conditions, besides the extraordinary shots, the action photographer shares on his personal diary the feelings that this experience on the Ocean island is giving to him. 
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