Are the batteries of Gecko series exclusively compatible with the Tregoo solar panels or can they be combined with solar panels made by other manufacturers?

Is it possible to become a Tregoo Dealer? Yes, it is! You will have the opportunity to offer to your customers products with the best technical specifications and unique design

Besides smartphones, tablets and digital cameras, can the Solar Power Stations provide accessories like 10W LED spotlights with enough energy?

Is it possible to install a 10W LED spotlight powering it with a fixed system composed of TL 20 solar panel and Lizard 50 power pack with autonomy of about 5 hours?

Can input and output of Lizard 10 or Lizard 50 work together simultaneously? This is possible thanks to the Solar Power Stations.

Is it possible to connect Lizard 10 and Lizard 50 portable power packs to ThinLight or Nano solar panels? Could there be any risk of damages?

Tregoo too, with its Solar Power Stations, will attend the 24th edition of the International Fair of Information Technology and Electronics in Mexico City.

The average lifetime of a solar panel depends on various factors, for example, the periodic maintenance and the build quality. The Tregoo solar panels are made by following thorough quality standards.

The basic unit of panel is the photovoltaic cell that converts light directly into energy. It is made ​​of silicon and is doped with phosphorus and nitrogen to free electrons. The electrons hit by photons are sent to the next cell. This procedure is repeated for the number of cells having a number of electrons in the output.

Stand alone solar system operates out of the mains. The best procedure to create a small stand alone solar system is to analyze the available area to be able to quantify number and power of the panels to be installed. According to the type of panel it’s possible to proceed with the selection of the charge controller, cables, and connectors MC4.