In case you require more energy you can connect 2 panels of the same voltage in series.

More and more boat lovers decide to install the solar panels on their sailing boat. The choice of the ideal way of installation depends on various factors.

Tregoo panels are already adjusted to charge 12V car batteries by using the two cables, respectively positive and negative, and a charge regulator. It is possible to connect two panels in series in case more energy is needed (panels must have the same voltage value). The charge regulator should be kept in a safe place. The panels can be directly attached on surfaces by using a proper bi-adhesive.

Does exist solar panels suitable for installation on Camper and what is their price?

Which are technical differences between TL 130 and Nano 130 series solar panels?

Which is the proper Power Pack to recharge a SLR Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera with cigarette lighter adapter and wall socket charger?

Should it be necessary to recharge an electronic device during a travel, what Solar Power Station is able to charge smartphones such as iPhone or Android?

The Tregoo solar panels of ThinLight and Nano series have a watertight junction box? TheTregoo solar panels of ThinLight and Nano series have a watertight Junction Box that allows you to use them even in presence of water. 

After purchasing a ThinLight or Nano solar panel, is it needed to purchase a separate charge controller and the appropriate extension to connect it to the panel?

Should 24 volts are needed, does the charge controller supplied with 40 TL stripe allow to wire two Li-Ion batteries in series?