About us


Tregoo was born in 2013 from the expertise of En-Eco S.p.A, company leader in renewable energy field in Europe, focused on technological and innovative solutions research. We are the En-Eco hi-tech division, specialized in design, manufacturing and distribution of solar kits for mobile energy supply.



Tregoo has developed cutting edge technological solutions for its solar panels and accumulators. Every product stands for its top category, thanks to an intense research and development activity, which has guaranteed its perfect success, from the design to the manufacturing process engineering. We are proud of our technology, but we never stop developing new solutions in a continuous improvement perspective.



Tregoo designs and creates solar panels, accumulators and Solar Power Stations, real portable solar power plants for energy production and storage. These solar kits are composed of a small sized and light energy accumulator, combined with thin-light flexible PV panels, entirely designed and realized in Italy. Our Solar Power Stations are unique in performance, since they unite the most powerful accumulators with panels providing the best energy efficiency.



Freedom. Independence. Action. Adventure. These are our essential values, which qualify whether the product range or who makes use of them: sports and adventures lovers, beyond any limit. Moreover, Tregoo fits all those who are always in need of available energy to charge up common electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, GPS, digital cameras or notebooks.



Tregoo aims to guarantee an energy reserve, every time and everywhere. Our goal is to become the most appreciated brand in the field of the mobile energy supply, in extreme conditions and off-grid places.



The TREGOO EXTREME PROJECT, born in 2014, it is a real source of inspiration rather than a sponsorship program. The adventures of athletes and EXTREME ambassadors, indeed, are a limitless and unique source of inspiration, like the energy of our Solar Power Stations. Along with them, we tell unique experiences about the most difficult challenges and adventures lived on the world’s less beaten paths. The TREGOO EXTREME project provides not only a technical equipment created to guarantee safety, but also the way to improve the athlete performance, thanks to the opportunity of equipment availability around the clock.