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With Tregoo everybody is really satisfied or refunded, in accordance with the Right of Withdrawal (D.lgs.206/05). 
Both for the refund and the item exchange it is essential to contact Tregoo before returning items and wait for permission. 
It is not possible to accept returns without our prior permission.

Return process ​​for deliveries made in Italy:
1 ) Write to En-Eco SpA Via O. Pordenone 28-30-32, 50127 - Florence - Italy, or call +39055333017 within 10 working days from the delivery date and specify:

- The purchased item/s
- The order number
- The will to return the item and if you want to be refunded or want to replace the item
- The reason behind the return: wrong order, defective merchandise, etc.
This is optional but helps us understand what to improve in our items or services and how to give you an even better service.        

2) Tregoo Customer Service will send a return authorization mail and a label to be stick on the package.

3 ) Print the label with the address to which the item is to be returned in two copies.
It is advisable to put the item into its original package (including labels, instruction sheets, etc.) in a box or a postal envelope (also the one in which the item has been shipped). 

Make sure that the package is properly sealed. 
Attach the label on the box or on the envelope. 
Keep the other label ready to be signed as a receipt from the courier.

4) In order to send the items you can choose whether to send back free of charge by courier Bartolini or at your own expense by certified mail with acknowledgment of receipt.                                        
To send back through Bartolini, it is sufficient to communicate Tregoo the optimal day for the collecting of the items. Bartolini courier will come and pick up the package on the fixed day. It is possible to specify a maximum time slot, but not a specific time. The return process in this case is completely free. To return the merchandise yourself, it is required to use certified mail with acknowledgment of receipt. Shipping charges will not be refunded in this case. We can not accept packages shipped by cash on delivery or assigned package .

Refund process for items delivered from abroad
1) After receiving and checking the return, you will receive a confirmation email.

2 ) At this point, it will be possible to choose between two options for the refund:
a) receiving a voucher to use on future purchases on equal to the value of the returned merchandise (excluding the shipping charges) plus 10% + 5 Euros for partial refund of shipping charges. The voucher does not expire.
b) receiving the refund of the amount corresponding to the price of the items sent + 5 Euro for the refund of shipping charges via bank transfer or re- credited to the same credit card used for the order.

3 ) If you choose the voucher option, it will be sent within 3 working days from receiving the returned item. If you choose direct deposit, the refund will be made after a few days relative to the confirmation of the refund, but no later than 30 days from the receipt of a confirmation e-mail from us. The timing for the re-credit to your credit card depends on the institute that issued the card.

Please, take particular care of the treatment of purchased products. 
In fact, it is possible to refund or replace only new items (not used ), with no alterations, such as:
lack or alteration of the packaging and the original package
item modifications or damages of any type
For any questions regarding replacements and refunds made​​, do not hesitate to contact our customer service:                            
By calling +39055333017

By sending an email to