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Lizard 50


Lizard 50 is a 50Wh power pack that can recharge all major USB devices, including smartphones and tablets. It is also possible to recharge two devices simultaneously.



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The Tregoo photovoltaic panels have to be connected to a battery through a charge controller.

Lizard 50 è in grado di ricaricare tutti i principali dispositivi USB, come ad esempio smartphone e tablet.

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Size (mm)


Weight (g)



Micro USB

5V - 1000mA Max


USB A output

5V - 1000mA Max

USB B output

5V - 2100mA Max

Internal components



Battery capacity

50Wh - 13800mAh

Lifetime (n° of cycles)


Recharge time with Hippy 10

10 hours

Q & A

Q - Can Lizard 50 recharge two devices at the same time?
A - Yes, it is possible to recharge a smartphone and a tablet by connecting them to the suitable USB ports of Lizard 50.

Q - Can Lizard 50 recharge a tablet?
A - Yes, it is possible to recharge a tablet by connecting it to the suitable USB port of Lizard 50.

Q - Is it possible to charge Lizard 50 directly from your computer?
A - Yes, just connect Lizard 50 to the USB port of your computer through the supplied cable. 

How to expose the panels

In order to achieve optimal performance of the panel, make sure it has the best orientation possible relative to the sun.

Best exposure
The surface of the solar panel is perpendicular compared to the rays of sunshine. 

Good exposure
The surface of the solar panel is inclined compared to the rays of sunshine.

Worst exposure

The surface of the solar panel is parallel to the rays of sunshine. 

Atmosphere and performance

Solar panels are tested in ideal conditions to verify their functioning. 

In real conditions things may change, since the power generated by the panel is influenced by different factors, such as the orientation of the panel relative to the sun and weather conditions. 

For example, with a clear sky and optimal orientation, the panel can make 100% nominal power. However, if the sky is clouded, the panel will make 50% even if its orientation relative to the sun is great.


The photovoltaic Tregoo panels are thin and light flexible monocrystalline modules.

They are made of thermoplastic technopolymers provided with high physical-mechanical characteristics. The absence of glass and frame makes them eight times lighter than rigid panels in crystalline silicon, (2Kg/sq m) and thin (1.7mm thickness).

Their efficiency is almost three times better than other flexible panels in amorphous silicon and are also made of totally recyclable plastic materials.

Tregoo panels are not afraid of damages caused by vibrations or high temperatures and are characterised by a high resistance to atmospheric agents. Moreover, the modules flexibility allows to apply panels even on curved surfaces.

Duration and conservation

Solar panels require very limited maintenance, thanks to the absence of moving parts.
The dirt accumulated on the surface over the photovoltaic cells can reduce their performances.
A regular cleaning of the panel, using fresh water, with non-abrasive sponges and without high pressure water jets, is sufficient. 

Power Packs
If left unused for long periods, it is recommended to fully recharge the battery for 24 hours, every two-three months.
For the first use, it is advisable to fully recharge the battery for 24 hours.


All products have 2 year warranty from the date of purchase with the formula “Send Back and Get a New One”:

  1. 1. Contact Customer Service and open a Ticket.
  2. 2. Once the Ticket has been opened, the courier will collect the defective item.
  3. 3. Once the product has been received, Tregoo will send the client a new item for free.

​Warranty includes structural and functional defects of the item. Damages due to misuse, scratches or normal wear, are not covered. For further information, see “Returns”.