PAGES - termini e condizioni

Terms and conditions


Section 1. Foreword
TREGOO is a brand by the company En -eco SpA , with registered office in Via O. da Pordenone , 28-30-32 , 50127 - Florence - Italy , CF / P.IVA: 05772490487 , Register of Companies of Florence n ° 573848 . to all the necessary information you can contact +39 055333017 phone number and e-mail address offers e-commerce services directly and indirectly according to the general conditions of contract , hereafter referred to as "conditions" which must be considered to prevail over any other agreement , covenant and / or intervening in any capacity between the Convention and the ' user. In the event of any discrepancy between the proposal made by the user and these Terms and Conditions the latter shall prevail . At a time when the user fill in the form on this website dedicated to the Proposed purchase automatically accepts the present Terms and Conditions . The contract can be finalized in the Italian language , or other where available.

Section 2. Scope of contract
This contract for the provision of the service, hereafter referred to as "contract" shall be concluded between the user and , hereafter referred to as the "Parties" or "Party".

Section 3 . Availability of products / services and prices
The user can only purchase products / services currently on the site. However , the proposal will be subject to acceptance by as indicated in art . 4. Prices are specified in the relevant section of the website and indicate the taxes and delivery costs as well as the duration of the offer .

Section 4 . Acceptance of the order / Conclusion of Contract
The Contract shall be processed in the following steps:
1. By submitting the proposal, the user transmits to by filling out the format a proposal to purchase the product or products selected . The submission of the proposal will be taken as consent under the law to receive further communications from , described below , aimed exclusively at the conclusion and execution of the contract.
2. notify you of the receipt of the proposal , with the assignment of a " number " to be used in any further communication with and with the transmission of an e- mail summary of the proposed purchase, which is acknowledge receipt stating the general and special conditions applicable to the contract , the information on the essential characteristics of the good or service and the details of the price , means of payment, withdrawal, delivery costs and applicable taxes .
3. Users will have 48 hours from the time of dispatch of the Proposal to communicate to whether to revoke . In any case, check the actual availability of the product or products at the warehouse of the Distributor and / or any change in the price of the product and / or any other element that will lead to the revision of the Proposal . In these cases will tell the user the new offering that will value the counter- proposal.
4. If the proposal is accepted, will send an e -mail confirming the conclusion of the contract. Unlike in the case of counter- proposal the contract will be concluded at the time that the user will communicate its acceptance .
5. Upon conclusion of the contract , the user must make the payment using one of the modes listed in Art . 5 .
6. At the time of payment , will then deliver the product or products in the manner and within the time limits set out in Article. 6 .
7. The contract will be made in the availability of a user by transmitting an appropriate e-mail .
8. Users can make changes in the compilation of the format of the proposed acquisition following the instructions of the operating system.

Section 5. Payment
The price of the product or products shall be paid by choosing one of the following ways:
1. Credit Card. The user can use the service offered by PayPal to will connect , following the instructions on the website to secure circuit that ensures the confidentiality of data and the security and efficiency of transactions. The user enters the information on the credit card directly on the SSL server , created and secured by Paypal and managed by the same institution . The user must then accept the general conditions of contract prepared by the Institute of Credit to access the service . not be liable for any damage caused to the user by the use of the service offered by the Institute of Credit Paypal.
2. Payment by money transfer. And possible to pay by bank transfer only for amounts exceeding € 1,500 by contacting customer service at In this case, the shipment of the order is made after receiving the payment. This may result in a few days to wait before the order is shipped (usually it is 5 working days from the issue of bank transfer). To speed up the shipping , we suggest you submit the receipt issued by the bank ( specifying the order number and the code CRO .
3. Pay when you get delivery. To pay by tagging mode ( cash only upon receipt of product / s) the user will have to pay cash on delivery . The mode of payment will result in a marked increase on the price indicated on the page Shipping & Returns , VAT excluded . Payment by cash is authorized by up to a maximum amount of Euro € 1,500. In the case of an amount greater than the user should contact .

Section 6. Taxation
All panels, solar kits and Tregoo accessories are designed for the construction of photovoltaic plants and for the production of electricity from solar-photovoltaic; such use has the characteristics, in Italian territory, to get the reduced VAT rate of 10%, as determined by n.127 quinquies, Table A, Part III, attached to the DPR October 26, 1972, n. 633. 
By accepting the provisions of the contract the private client declares that the products purchased are intended for the construction of photovoltaic plants and for the production of energy from solar photovoltaics. 
If the buyer is a retailer or he buys as a company, valuing the "VAT" field in the user profile, he's subject to VAT at 22%, as it is not possible to determine the end use of the bought products. 
If the buyer buys from a country other than Italy, no VAT is payable.

Section 7 . Returns
1. The Delivery by courier . The goods will be delivered to the address that the user will communicate in the Proposal . will undertake to send by courier of his choice, the product or products indicated by the user in the Proposal on the whole national territory . The shipping costs are the responsibility of and shall be equal to the amount indicated in the Proposal . Delivery times will vary depending on the destination .
2. Upon receipt of the goods you will have to check the external appearance of the packaging. In the case of apparent damage or deformation of the package the user must refuse delivery and immediately give notice of the refusal to that will, in the shortest possible time, the replacement of the product or products.
3. The delivery times indicated by shall be construed guidance only, without any commitment or guarantee of respect for themselves by

Section 8 . Withdrawal in case the user is a consumer and Returns
1. The member - consumer shall be entitled to unconditional withdrawal from the contract within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the product or products.
2. Users must send it to: / En -eco SpA , Via O. da Pordenone , 28-30-32 , 50127 - Florence - Italy is strongly recommended the shipment by registered mail . Shipping costs are borne by the user , unless the return is due to an error of and in case they have been delivered defective or damaged. In case of defective items will be replaced or refunded only those products which have manufacturing defects and those that are not working due to damage caused by the user . In order to avoid a non-payment, before requiring replacement of the product is therefore recommended to make sure that the defect persists .

Article 9. Exclusions
1. is not responsible for damages resulting from misuse of the product.
2. not liable for damage to third parties and damage to products or parts thereof caused by: a ) accident, abuse , misuse, misapplication , flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes ; b ) changes in the products or parts of them made ​​without the consent of . In addition, the warranty does not apply to consumable parts , including batteries , except in cases where there is damage due to defects in materials and workmanship . This warranty is also operational in the event that any product serial number has been removed or defaced. is not in any way responsible for any damage arising from the use of the product for purposes different from that indicated by the manufacturer.

Section 10. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
1. Contracts between and the user shall be subject to Italian law and construed in accordance with its terms .
2. If the user - Consumer for any disputes arising from this contract , including those relating to its validity, interpretation , execution and termination is the mandatory jurisdiction of the courts of the place of residence or domicile of the consumer, if the territory of the Italian State .
3. In cases not covered by the preceding paragraph all disputes arising out of this contract , including those relating to its validity, interpretation , execution and termination will be the exclusive competence of the court of Florence or the Chamber of Arbitration of Florence and resolved in accordance with Regulation conciliation adopted by the same also for possible enforcement actions , damages or, in general, relating to payments.