Isolated & Off-Grid Houses

Energy Now for Standalone Homes


Do you have a Chalet, an isolated beach house or a farmhouse where seldom go?

Tregoo will allow you to get your independence providing sufficient power for lighting and charging your electronic devices. You will have all the comfort you need without having to connect to the electricity grid.

With Tregoo Solar Kit composed by Solar Panel and Power Pack you can get the maximum charge for your electrical appliances.

You can be finally free to power and charge devices at the same time as:

  • TV
  • notebooks
  • portable fridge
  • tablets and smartphones

With Tregoo Solar Power your wooden house or your cabin will have all the charge necessary to satisfy the Energy Needs of the house.

Imagine your house by the sea, on an island far from the coast. Isolated location, independence and contact with nature. Away from the big tourist destinations, this unique experience allows you to get your ideal vacation, the one you always dreamed. Waking up in the morning surrounded by the blue sea, only hearing the sound of the waves and of the seagulls away. You can finally manage your time in your own way and surround yourself only by what you need. Everything without opt out the comfort of a refrigerator to chill your drinks or a charge of energy always available for your tablet or smartphone. Do you think this is a dream?

Now is reality with Tregoo Power Stations that replace a conventional power generator, providing you energy without any noise and without spending money in fuel.



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