Energy for photographing without limits


Why opt out the freedom to photograph wherever and how much you want? The more exciting photography is the one who travel, but unfortunately the batteries have a limit. With Tregoo Foldable Solar Panels and Tregoo Power Packs you can take pictures from morning to evening and from evening to morning relying on solar power always available.

If photography is your passion and everywhere you go you carry with you your digital camera get the power of Tregoo Solar Panels. The solar kit composed by the Solar Panel and Accumulator gives you maximum range of shots and all the energy needed to power your photographic equipment, from compact digial camera, small and handy, to the DSLR.

The ability of a great photographer is to be not satisfied by the first shot but to know how to wait. After trying an horizontal shot or a vertical one, after you have patiently waited for the subject in the right position, that the light had the right color and the correct direction, after you've waited hours the right time to shoot ... you realize that your DSLR batteries are down! Missing the right shot could mean losing a working day. Wherever you go bring with you a reserve of energy always available.

Try the line of Tregoo Solar Power Stations, choose the right one to charge your camera's battery.



TREGOO 40-120


Tregoo 40-120 is a solar charger kit composed of Hippy 40 solar panel and Gecko 120 power pack. This solar kit offers up to 120Wh autonomy and, thanks to a 100W built-in inverter, it can power and recharge devices, such as notebooks and portable fridges, as well as tablets and smartphones.

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