How many Wh does a house need if isolated from the electrical grid?

 30/07/2014  Know How, Questions & Answers

The amount of the power required and measured in watt hours, depends on various factors. For example, how and how many devices and electrical appliances may be used in our house.

In Italy, the current power limit on a traditional system for residential buildings is set at 3kW. Naturally, this limit could be raised thanks to a solar energy system. In this way, the user will have extra electric power available.

The situation is different if we would like to realize a solar energy system dedicated to an “off-grid” house isolated from the electrical grid. The optimal power for such houses depends on various factors, such as the average annual radiation, the available surface and the consumption habits. Therefore, an “off-grid” system should be well thought out, as the electrical grid will not be supporting the energy needs.

On the Internet it is possible to take advantage of free tools in order to get an estimate of the average radiation on the location selected for the installation. For example, we suggest the simulator of The Solar Electricity Handbook to you. Another very interesting resource is the simulator of the Photovoltaic Geographical Information System provided by the European Union.

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