POST - Sarek 2015

The Energy of Tregoo solar kits for a venturesome trip in Lapland

 29/10/2015  Sponsorships, Brave Crew

Looking for NOwhere is the new group of athletes of the Tregoo Brave Crew and Sarek 2015 - Ritorno alla natura selvaggia is the wonderful and unique trip experience that Alessandro Bartoli, Sara Bolondi, Stefano Giuffredi and Luca Miano have decided to undertake.
The love for trekking and for outdoor life encouraged the fourth to make a trip in Lapland,  whose challenge is to try and resurface our intimate relationship with the environment, in complete symbiosis with nature.

Luca, Sara, Stefano and Alessandro completed the expedition in 12 days, walking through uncontaminated places without any logistic support and in complete food and energy autonomy. 

Looking for NOwhere

 Team of Looking for NOwhere

National Parks in Sweden and Norway, World Heritage Site

The trek involved several renowned parks of Sweden and Norway. The Sarek and the Padjelanta (both UNESCO sites) are rough areas characterized by hills, streams and by a wildlife including, among its different species, the wolf, which is not present in the other parts of Sweden. (source:

The adventure of Looking for NOwhere connected the two parks from East to West and ended in Bodo, Norway, just at the border between the scandinavian states and at a stone’s throw from two eternal glaciers.

Trip in Lapland - Sarek 2015

 The 200 Km long expedition achieved Sweden and Norway 

The absence of any path, the continuous fords and more than 12 hours of trek per day with 20kg rucksacks made the trek more engaging but also more extreme, a challenge to cope in complete safety and for which the use of GPS proved to be essential.

How to recharge the GPS during the Trekking?

The team of Looking for NOwhere absorbed by the nature in Lapland, didn’t do without some digital devices, which were fundamental for the implementation of their project.

Thanks to the Solar Power Station 10-10 they were able to keep the orienteering devices charged, to achieve the different base camps, as well as two digital cameras to tell about their experience in Lapland. The absence of the GPS signal, for more than 10 days, increased the level of difficulty of their expedition, making the use of GPS fundamental.

Solar Kit used for the Lapland trekking

 The Solar Kit used for the Lapland Trekking

The Tregoo Power Packs and Solar Panels can stand low temperatures and that is why they proved to be, in several cases, suitable to recharge the GPS and the other location devices in places where temperature goes below zero.