To fix the Tregoo solar panel on your own vehicle, you have to follow a few but fundamental rules. The polyurethane tape meets all of them. Here is which one to use!

The portability is the main characteristic of our products. The Tregoo solar panels weigh only a few kilos, but which is their actual size?  

The choice of the number of solar panels is one of the most important stages for the installation of your own PV system. This article provides you with a very useful tool that will allow you to find the appropriate ratio between the available surface and the solar energy you need.  

Sometimes you might need to be able to remove the panel from its usual position. Tregoo gives you the perfect solution: you can order your panel provided with eyelets.


Anita Burgholzer & Andreas Hübl, members of the Nandita team, deservedly enter the Tregoo Extreme Crew. They are going to participate in the event "The Sun Trip 2015" and they will use the Tregoo TL 130 solar panels to power their electric bikes.

That's some news from our "extreme athlete" Robert Hewetson. It's our pleasure to publish his updates and feedback on Tregoo gear, along with a video that shows Robert who is shoving off the kayak, despite the inclement sea!