We officially communicate the winners of the contest for the realization of creative videos, launched this summer by Tregoo on community.

During the Eta Beta program of RAI Radio 1 channel, the 11th of December 2014, it has been talked about the Tregoo solar panels and the Solar Power Stations, with regard to a wider discussion about the climate change.

Following the contest launched on Zooppa’s community of videomakers, Tregoo has decided to ask the Web audience for a hand to choose the best videos among the ones recently received. Watch the playlist uploaded on the Youtube channel and leave comments for the videos you like most.

Tregoo has created a blog where collecting all data and information concerning its products, company news, sponsorships and a lot of technical know-how.

From the launch of the Solar Power Station product line, we got 10.000 fans in less than 6 months, always with full engagement and great appeal about all the initiatives organized by our company.

Tregoo has just launched a video contest on Zooppa, global platform for creative filmmakers.