The Volley Team training continue, this time we are in Greenland. The duo have clocked up the miles between the fjords and the greatness of the glaciers, all in complete autonomy.

Lorenzo, after his photographic journey in Norway, decides to put to test himself, facing front to the lonely the Sentiero Italia.
The Extreme Crew photographer started his experience on 23rd May of the last year, From Santa Maria Teresa di Gallura, with a hard trekking that will finish surely till the end of the summer, through adventures and wonderful trails.

Often, Lorenzo lose himself, pleasantly, on Dolomiti summits, but during last winter, the Extreme Crew photographer, decided to start his solo first travel with the goal to immortalize magnificent colours of Norwegian Aurora Borealis.


In January, Gian Luca, challenged alone Highlands place: a particular land, that puts a considerable physical and mental pressure, for all trekkers, alpinists or walkers.

550 km of walk in complete loneliness along the Highlands. That’s the first challenge of the mountaineer and blogger Gian Luca Gasca, branded Tregoo Extreme.

The new group of the Extreme Crew will bring us into a world tour, by showing us uncontaminated places, seen from an appealing and original point of view!  

From the coasts of river Po up to the mines of Sulcis. From the wolves of the Apennines up to the peaks of Etna. The new project of the photographer of the Tregoo Extreme is much more than a documentary.


From July, 20 to August 8, the tireless athlete of the Extreme Crew completed, as expected, the circumnavigation of Sicily in 20 days. Look at the video.

From Europa to Asia. From Italy up to Kazakistan. Over 8000 km covered and told by the Nandita team through some wonderful shots.

Last February, Roberto Ragazzi and Laura Trentani completed theYukon Artic Ultra. The crossing taking place in one of the most inaccessible territories of the world  and that tried the Extreme Crew’s endurance sorely! Here is their tale.