The last June 2nd, Vieri got on his fold bicycle and he started the ride towards Asia: he will cover thousands of kilometres, bringing with himself many thoughts, infinite words and a little Blue Heart in the pocket.

Luca, abita a Milano e sin da piccolo coltiva la passione per la pesca. Da diversi anni pratica il Fishing Kayaking ed ora ha deciso di “dare una pagaiata” alla noia quotidiana e alla vita in città: il kayakers pescatore della Brave Crew navigherà col suo kayak dalla Liguria fino alla Stretto di Gibilterra!


Looking for NOwhere is a tight-knit group of friends who share a thing for trekking and love for nature.
Last summer they decided to make a trip within the National Park of Sarek (Lapland), by so doing entering the Brave Crew and supported by energy supplied by Tregoo! 

Thanks to the Tregoo 10-50 Extreme solar kit, Elia Origoni will be able to tell about the 2.000 Km long path (the Alpine area from Vienna to Genova) that he will cover in May.