The choice of the number of solar panels is one of the most important stages for the installation of your own PV system. This article provides you with a very useful tool that will allow you to find the appropriate ratio between the available surface and the solar energy you need.  

The Tregoo Staff will be glad to help you in order to find a solution. For damages regarding the panel and other parts, such as junction box, charge controller and cables, you can contact us at the following address:

The Tregoo solar panels can be fixed directly on the surfaces of the Camper with specific materials which allow you to benefit of our product in total safety.  

The Tregoo flexible solar panel can be installed following different choices. Before proceeding with its installation it is worth asking ourselves: what surface the panel will be installed on?

Solar panel does not require any special maintenance, just keep it clean. Clean with water using a non-abrasive damp cloth.

In case you require more energy you can connect 2 panels of the same voltage in series.

More and more boat lovers decide to install the solar panels on their sailing boat. The choice of the ideal way of installation depends on various factors.

Tregoo panels are already adjusted to charge 12V car batteries by using the two cables, respectively positive and negative, and a charge regulator. It is possible to connect two panels in series in case more energy is needed (panels must have the same voltage value). The charge regulator should be kept in a safe place. The panels can be directly attached on surfaces by using a proper bi-adhesive.

Stand alone solar system operates out of the mains. The best procedure to create a small stand alone solar system is to analyze the available area to be able to quantify number and power of the panels to be installed. According to the type of panel it’s possible to proceed with the selection of the charge controller, cables, and connectors MC4.