To fix the Tregoo solar panel on your own vehicle, you have to follow a few but fundamental rules. The polyurethane tape meets all of them. Here is which one to use!

Tregoo offers different possibilities for the on-line purchase of its own Power Stations. But where can the properties of the PV panels and of the portable power banks be found and therefore tested?

Hippy 10 allows you to recharge any USB device up to 2 Amp. Anyway, it may happen that iPhones display the following error message: Do not recognize this device. In this article you can find the solution to this issue.

As we have said several times, the choice of a solar panel for boats, campers, etc, always depends on the actual energy requirements of the means of transport. In a sailboat the sizing is even more important, since it allows to optimize the necessary surface and the weight of the solar power system with respect to the actual needs. In this article you can download a model chart of the facilities on board and by so doing you can easily estimate your average energy consumption offshore.   

Many variables have to be taken into consideration to calculate the energy requirements of a house with an off-grid solar system. Find out which Tregoo Power Station can do the trick!  

How is it possible to integrate the solar panels for sailboat on an electric system with a 24V battery pack ?

The power required and measured in Wh, depends on how and how much you plan to use appliances and various equipment. The installation for a house isolated from the electrical grid should be well-thought.

It depends on the energy needs and the geographic location of the system. The number of panels needed is deduced by hours of daily radiation. If the system is installed on a mobile vehicle, like a boat, must make sure that the panels loads in the shortest time possible by calculating the equivalent hours, that is the number of hours in which the panel is operating at maximum power.

If the solar panel is applied on an unmovable structure, such as a roof, the optimal angle at our latitude varies between 25 and 35 degrees with south (Azimuth) orientation.

In order to estimate the maximum efficiency of a photovoltaic module, it is firstly necessary to know the irradiation where an installation may be performed.