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Norway Direction: Lorenzo’s awesome Naturalistic Photos

 20/05/2016  Sponsorships, Extreme Crew

Often,  Lorenzo lose himself, pleasantly, on Dolomiti summits, but during last winter, the Tregoo Extreme photographer, decided to start his lonely first travel with the goal to immortalize magnificent colours of Norwegian Aurora Borealis.  

On 7th February, he filled his Volkswagen T4 with his camping equipment and with his photo equipment and he leaved to Lofoten Islands, northern archipelago of Norway. The photographer walked for about 4000Km to reach Lofoten North- Eastern part, where he realized the awesome naturalistic photos you can see here

Unfortunately, the bad weather limited his operating range. He would have desired to explore on foot cold Norwegian territories. Furthermore, during one complete month he was able to see only seven times aurora borealis, clearly and at night, ‘cause bad weather didn’t stop Lorenzo happiness:

I amused a lot myself, despite the bad weather. A lonely travel is an experience I would have to do a lot time before and it’s incredible the sensation of independence I received from it.

Lorenzo during his Norway adventure

How he recharged the batteries of Reflex Camera?

On his car for camping he applied the solar panel TL40 stripe, but he utilized it only few times, because of the low solar power. In Lofoten Islands (and more in general in  Arctic Circle) the low exposure of the sun is due to:

  • duration reduced of the sun. On 18th Febraury, in Arctic Circle the day last 7 hours, despite in Rome, where the day last 10 hours; 
  • the solar maximum elevation. On 18th February, the sun reaches the maximum height of 8.1°, despite 36.4° in Rome during the same day.


To solve this problem, Lorenzo decided to don’t install the module, but he utilized some connectors that permitted to remove and expose it in the best way to solar light.

He linked the flexible solar panel (40 Watt) to Volkswagen T4’s control unit. This one transferred the electric energy to the battery (mainly recharge it by car's alternator); then, he connected cigarettes lighter plug to a socket that allowed to charge his laptop, mobile devices and the battery of his camera.


In Norway, the Extreme Crew athlete can’t utilize the Tregoo Solar Power station, but he tested them during his Dolomite’s excursion, giving us some advices to improve our product, that was in realization phase.


The portable solar panel Hippy 10 is perfect to be fixed on bags, but instead these two hooks, I suggest to apply four total hooks, for a more resistance and to put it better under the solar light..
The Lizard 50, instead, could be protect with an anti-shock cover.

For his next lonely travel, through the Sentiero Italia, Lorenzo will use a customized Hippy 10: in solar panel’s angles were realized some eyelets, that could be utilized to hook it, both in the upper both in the inferior part.

Naturalistic photos about Lofoten Islands

From Rytan Mount, Lorenzo realized Aurora Borealis photos, one of the most extraordinary event of this Norwegian land, distinguished by snow-clad summits, by “Rorbu” (establishments utilized in the past to maintain the daily fish) and  by awesome overhangs on the ocean!

Let a look on all photographic projects made by Lorenzo on 



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