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SolarAttitude, a van trip for environmental sustainability

 21/07/2016  Sponsorships

Solar Attitude is a journey along Italian coasts, with Volkswagen T2 Bay Window '70. SolarAttitude is not only a summer itinerary with a Van motor: it’ s a project realized and undertaken by Vincenzo and Pascale, to promote the eco-friendly and solar energy culture. 


The lifestyle of Vincenzo e Pascale is based on environmental sustainability and thanks to both, lots of projects and professional collaborations were founded during years. From their first meeting, since 1995, Relation de Voyage was born; They realize items of clothing and bags for women thanks to the environmental recycle and thanks to the manufacturing of boat’s sails

Their last idea is SolarAttitude. A journey started at the end of June, along the main important Italian holiday resorts. Il van che li sta accompagnando in questo viaggio è un Volkswagen T2 Bay Window del 1971, they are using is a Volkswagen T2 Bay Widow of 1971, restored and provided of a 135W solar panel

T2’ Van is surely the most common and known model of Vokswagen’ s cars. It’s the result of lots years of improvement on the previous model. The T2 electric system is finally at 12 Volt, the windshield becomes larger and panoramic, the restraining system and the motor are increased, also if its shape remains more or less the same. In fact, for this reason, during the renovation builders hadn’t any problem to convert the furniture’s production from the old to the new model. There is also an increasing number of pop-up roofs and unmovable roofs.

There are a lot of differences between European market and English one; the last one prefers, in fact, the classic roof with lateral opening. In the USA there is a real boom of VAN market, so much that advertisements define this car the second home of Americans. The “Bay” is normally utilised and it survives a lot also here in Italy.
source: VW Camper Club)


TL 135 on the Van solarAttitude Solar bag RdV with Hippy 10


Solar Attitude to teach the environmental respect

The main goal of this journey is sensitise, especially youngers, about the importance of solar energy and about its correct utilization, providing benefits for everyone. Vincenzo and Pascale will inform people through this activity and through playful materials, because: 

The Future is composed by children and teenagers, thanks to their observation’s sense, their dreams, and with the confidence and the support given by adults.
From the simply “gnomone” (a cane plant in the soil that allows to see the timetable) to new technological solar machines. Games and educational devices help us to make a question: "What is it? Why? How it works?", allowing to children to develop and to know better and soon this world.

SolarAttitude è joyous, simply and ambitious. Following Bruno Munari, we would like to draw the entire sun and "not only ¼ of it in the corner of the paper".

Until today, Vincenzo and Pascale were in Rimini and Riccione, they are actually in Milano Marittima. You can follow them on Twitter and of course here, where Vincenzo and Pascale are continually updating their VAN position!