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A bicycle ride towards East with a Blue Heart in the pocket

 03/08/2016  Sponsorships, Brave Crew

The last June 2nd, Vieri got on his fold bicycle and he started the ride towards Asia: he will cover thousands of kilometres, bringing with himself many thoughts, infinite words and a little Blue Heart in the pocket.



BiCicladi, a boy and his Folding Bicycle  

Vieri, until a few years ago, had been working for a cruise company. Thanks to his job he has visited the world but, in summer 2015, he started to look at it with brand new fresh due to a two-months-trip in the Cyclades islands and valuable experience on his Travelogue BiCicladi. Since that summer he has been riding on a lot of roads (after the Greek trip, he covered psrt of the Via Francigena), and has been given the opportunity of meeting numerous friends whilst, meantime, he was realizing how much he liked to inspire the fantasy of his readers.

"No, I'm not a blogger nor a cycling traveller". Vieri doesn’t organize his travels too much, and they also have no clear destination. He is not interested on how far he goes or where he gets to, but what’s stays in between. Vieri has his folding bicycle  and his notebook, he rides and writes, lives the trip and share every little piece of his world. With such spirit he's undertaking a new long itinerary: from Milan to Thailand, passing through the main Eastern Europe cities and the Transsiberian Railway in Russia.

It's a great challenge for me,  and I’m sharing it with all those persons that would want to do this kind of experience.

He's covering the whole itinerary on the folding bicycle, and "when I prefer not to pedal, I just fold it and get in on a bus or on a train".
Always with the Blue Heart in the pocket. 

BiCicladi - Azure Heart

Before this experience started, Vieri decided to create something tangible, in his own way, trying to use the strength of his words: the Blue Heart stays as the symbol of the project he joined, together with Il Cuore di Giampy, a non-profit organization which collaborates with another one named Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo in order to support families with children with heart diseases and perinatal deaths. 

Vieri will visit a few hospitals on his journey and will write about the reality and the difficulties he meets there.
He stopped already in Marie Curie Children’s Hospital (Bucharest) and he started the crowdfund activity destined to Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo, helping them to buy medical machinery and to train new local doctors


Support the Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo non-profit organization 

You can help the children donating your personal contribute in support of Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo and specifying this reason: “BiCicladi – Il Cuore di Giampy".  




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