Tregoo World: more than a blog, a world of contents

 25/11/2014  Company News

Entra nel Mondo Treogoo!

To structure all the data and information around the Tregoo world, we have created a mini website that wants to be more than just a blog. We would like it becomes a kind of community, where anyone can find answers and make new questions.

Tregoo World will become a place where fans of every TRIBE will find all the know-how they need to fully enjoy their adventures.

These categories of posts that will be covered:



  • Company news
  • Products news
  • Events
News da Tregoo


  • Team Extream
  • Extreme Crew
  • Brave Crew
Tregoo Sponsorship

Know How

  • Tech Focus
  • Quick Tips
  • Questions & Answers
Know How


  • Solar Power Stations
  • Solar Panels
  • Power Packs
Prodotti Tregoo