POST - Preparazione Volley Team per Yukon Artic Ultra 2017

Volley Team - The training for the Yukon Artic Ultra 2017 continue

 10/10/2016  Sponsorships, Extreme Crew

Last august Laura and Roberto from Volley Team had contiuned their training in view of th Yukon Artic Ultra 2017. This time we are in Greenland. 


allenamento in groenlandia del volley team 


A unique journey, a unique land.


This year the 2 athletes from the Volley Team picked Greenland, the perfect training ground for testing the technical gear that they will be use in the Yukon Arctic Ultra 2017, due to the climatic and landscape characteristics of the place.

With base atTasiilaq-Ammassalik, eastern side of the island, away from common roads, walking for miles and miles in a place where the danger is around every corner.

Il viaggio del Volley Team in Groenlandia

A journey in total freedom and autonomy, together with their trustworthy Lizard 50 and Hippy 10, which provided, at the two athletes, the only source of electrical energy, used for the tech gear their brought along, such as frontal lights, GPS and satellite phone.

Ten days of strong emotions, clocking up the miles in the beauty of the “green land” fjords.


"with the feet on the ice cap can’t help to think about his millennial geologic history"


Deep in the beauty and wonder of the wildest state of nature, between the greatness of the glacial walls and the aurora borealis which paint the sky with thousand of colors.

The adventurous journey of the Volley Team has been not only an extreme challenge for the body but mostly for the mind. Their story is studded with very strong emotions, those amazing landscapes, images and sensation that will always remain strong in their heads, a true “world within a world".


[…] the lights and the sun plays in the creeks and the peaks, coloring the walls with fable like tints, a kaleidoscope of infinite faces, brush strokes that goes form intense yellows to violent oranges that chase each other with the pinks and reds. An unreal choreography in a world that doesn’t belong to anybody […] 


paesaggio groenlandia volley team 

The physical and emotional experiences of this unreal trip at the end of the world, has prepared the two athletes to face the hardest of the challenges, the Yukon Arctic Ultra 2017 race the 5th of February 2017 in Canada.

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