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The circumnavigation of Sicily, a new challenge for Mauro

 22/07/2015  Sponsorships, Extreme Crew, Solar Power Stations

Mauro Prosperi e la circumnavigazione della SiciliaMauro Prosperi left last Monday 20 July from the Messina coast to face a new exciting challenge. This time the ultra-marathoner will circumnavigate the whole Sicily and will paddle over a 600 miles route with his kayak!

The athlete of the Tregoo Extreme Crew - in complete energy independence - is executing a solitary clockwise tour of the biggest Mediterranean island. .
Sicily is the widest Italian island and its sea, subject to strong currents, will challenge Mauro in a fascinating but at the same time endeavoring journey.


For me it is a journey of rediscovery, and I hope it is the same also for those who will follow me through my blog: a rediscovery of this beautiful piece of world and also an internal rediscovery, based on the contact with nature


The Tregoo energy to achieve a new record!

The circumnavigation of Sicily is an athletic challenge requiring survival skills and a specific physical-mental training. Mauro will make use of the Survival Kit conceived in collaboration with Bear Grills and will recharge his devices thanks to Tregoo products.


Solar Kit for Kayak

For this new adventure, Mauro, will be able to rely on the solar kit TREGOO 10-10 Extreme and on TL 20 which, together with Gecko 120, will supply him the necessary energy to achieve this important challenge: to circumnavigate the Sicily in only 20 days!

The Italian pentathlete fixed the solar panel TL 20, provided with cigar-lighting plug, on the front part of his Kayak, and by so doing he managed to charge- while navigating- the Gecko 120 which, in its turn, will provide the necessary energy to charge all his portable devices: from GPS up to his GoPro, thanks to which he will make us witnesses of his journey. 


The training

Upon his return from the Marathon Des Sables 2015, Mauro has never stopped. Thanks to the 2 Men and 1 Kayak project- a journey along the costs of  Eolie islands that he shared with his friend Francesco Chinaglia – he was able to  physically train for the circumnavigation of Sicily.
Born in 1956, Prosperi, has been transmitting so much enthusiasm thanks to his passion for adventure and by 2 Men and 1 Kayak he wished to make public opinion aware of subjects connected with environment sustainability, focusing on the actual possibility to adopt a conscious, balanced and wasteless lifestyle, making use of what nature offers us.




The Kayak

The kayak that Mauro is using has been done by NMK Nautica Mannino Kayak and it represents the perfect combination between innovation, performance and design: the ideal partner for Tregoo solar panels. The5 meters canoe weighing only 20 kilos is the ideal boat to practice nautical camping or this kind of endeavours.



Mauro has been travelling for one week. The adverse sea conditions forced him to stop more than once, anyway without affecting his fighting and adventurous spirit.
Follow the Extreme athlete challenge on his blog or on his Facebook profile.  


Another challenge to win... and you all know how much I love challenges.
Mauro Prosperi