How many panels can I install on the available surface?

 24/04/2015  Know How, Quick Tips, Products, Solar Panels

Design your PV System


How many and which panels can I install on the available surface?



Generally to make an estimate of the sizing of a solar power system it would be necessary to evaluate the degree of autonomy required to meet one’s energy needs

Anyway, sometimes it is necessary to take into account the available surface – the actual available surface for the installation of the solar modules –  and only then you’ll be able to calculate how much power you can obtain from your solar power system..

Tregoo tries to support you and thanks to a re production on a one-tenth scale of its solar panels, gives you the possibility to simulate the “design” of your PV system. It is a very simple but efficient system, since it will avoid you to make a dozen attempts to get the optimal combination between the lenghts and widhts of the PV modules, their orientation with respect to the connections in series or in parallel, the size of the available surface and, above all, the maximum power that can be installed.    



Step 1
Download and Print the pdf containing the layout of the surface and the contour on a one-tencth scale of the Tregoo solar panels
Step 2
Connect the four sheets with transparent tape
Step 3
Cut the contours of the solar panels you need
Step 4
Draw the contour of the available surface for the installation of the solar power system in the grid
Step 5
Apply the contours of the solar panels, covering the surface in a regular way , paying attention in leaving some space for the passage of the cables near the Junction Box (the black box on a side of the panels)
Step 6
Calculate, based on the panels you have arranged, the total power you can get from your "PV surface"!



This procedure can be particularly useful in case we have 24V battery set. Considering that the Tregoo solar panels release solar energy at 17V (he optimal voltage to recharge the 12V batteries), in case you had a 24V battery set, you’ll have to connect at least two solar panels in series,  by so doing occupying more space.

The covering of a surface with the vincolo of a couple of panels makes the sizing estimate more difficult, on the contrary, by using the trick above it is a piece of cake (even a child’s play!)