How to fix the solar panels: which adhesive tape do I have to use?

 12/06/2015  Know How, Questions & Answers, Products, Solar Panels

Adhesiv for solar panels


La soluzione meno invasiva per fissare il pannello solare sul proprio veicolo (barca a vela, camper, jeep, apecar ecc.) è il biadesivo poliuretanico. Ma quale è il nome commerciale del biadesivo e dove si può acquistare?



The Tregoo solar panels perform at best when used in mobility.
Weight, thickness and rigidity are reduced at the minimum thanks to the quality of the monocrystalline modules which capture sunlight to allow you to have the energy you need wherever you go

If your vehicle is not arranged for the installation of a solar panels or in case you don’t want to drill it to fix it with screws, eyelets and rivets, the best solution is the polyurethane tape

Tregoo recommend you the tesa® 4952 which is specifically made to fix mirrors, but it has all the characteristics to apply the panel on whatever smooth surface. The tesa® 4952 is ideal for the the fixing of solar panels on your vehicle, since:

  • It is conceived for outdoors usage. It is UV, water and water-resistant;
  • It adapts to thermal expansions of the materials;
  • It has a quick and high fastening force;
  • Good absorption of thermal shocks


You can try tesa® 4952 by ironmonger’s or in specialized e-shops.



Remember not to use the silicone to fix your Tregoo solar panel. Once the silicone dries, it exerts a force which is opposite to the natural dilatation of the (plastic) coating. In this way, the PV cell breaks, endangering the good functioning of the product.