New Solar Power Station in the trade show: Ecofuturo

 26/07/2016  Events

EcoFuturo is one of the most important national trade show that promotes ecological innovations.

During the Festival the En-Eco CEO, Alessandro Patrizi, will introduce news about Tregoo Solar Power Station. 

Ecofuturo Festival will be from 26th to 31st July; it’s the event that reinforces the ecological conscience of the present society, through the promotion of technological innovations.
It’s its 3rd edition, in Rimini, in particular in the “EcoArea”. 



The product Tregoo will be present in Ecofuturo. This kind of product, thanks to many important studies and investments, is today successful known for its Solar Power Stations and for its new photovoltaic system, that allows to cumulate about 3kWh of solar energy.

The name of is new photovoltaic system is K3 and it will be presented from Alessandro Patrizi (En-Eco COO), officially for the first time, during EcoFuturo trade show. The new Tregoo Solar Power Station is composed by: 

  • A photovoltaic cloth with n. 32 Modules. Each one of 90W;
  • An inverter which manages till 115V; 
  • An accumulation system of 3000Wh. 

K3 demonstrates, with other innovations represented in Ecofuturo, of course, that renewables energies are not even the “alternative energy”, but they are the real possibility to generate eco-friendly energy, with the goal to cover the entire energetic request of the world, of present and future generations