Tregoo during the Eta Beta broadcast of RAI Radio 1 channel

 17/12/2014  News, Company News

On Monday of 11 December 2014, during the every morning on air Eta Beta program of RAI Radio 1 channel, it has been talked about the Tregoo solar panels and the Solar Power Stations, with regard to a wider discussion about the climate change.

2014 has been the hottest year of the human history, from the age that Earth’s temperature started to be measured. Starting from the Lima Climate Change Conference arranged by the United Nations, the journalist-presenter Massimo Cerofolini tried to analize how innovation addresses the big theme regarding the global warming. Here is an audio summary concerning the Tregoo solutions:



The whole broadcast, including the participation of other guests (Mauro Spagnolo, director of, website dedicated to sustainable innovation – Andrea Poggio, chairman of Legambiente Fondazione Innovazione and manager of SuperHub, the platform which allows to choose the route with the lowest environmental impact) is listenable here: