Robert Hewetson new athlete of the Tregoo Extreme Crew

 20/10/2014  Sponsorships, Extreme Crew

Robert Hewetson is the new athlete of the Tregoo Extreme Crew Sponsorship Program.

Born in 1970, Robert is an engineer and passionate about adventurous trips on board of his kayak. On 21th of  November 2012 he decided to start an adventure which led him to plough through the sea of South African coast by his trusted kayak, from Durban to Capetown.

Endeavours like these need organization and athletic training. For this reason, Robert pored over nautical charts and trained hard for 10 months.

Why all this? What lead a man to make such endeavours, alone and away from home? Robert tells that the answer is simple: “I wanted to do something different, to break the routine. It wasn’t about being the first, but I made this decision to have a real adventure”.

Robert Hewetson part of the Tregoo Extreme Crew


In 2014 he decided to start an harder and risky adventure: to plough through the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, alone again and on board of his kayak. Naturally, a solo endeavour is different from an expedition carried out by a team. Athletes like Robert have to make entirely use of their own energy to overcome obstacles and dangers without anybody’s help. The trip will start the 7th November, from the coastline of Mozambique up to Angola: 6 months during which Robert will paddle for 4700 km.

If Robert will succeed, he will be the first human to plough through the sea of Mozambique, South Africa and Angola doing kayaking. Tregoo accepted to support the athlete with its ThinLight Solar Panels, a Gecko 120 Power Pack and a Solar Power Station as energy backup. These will be the best allied to power all the essential instruments for this mission, such as the GPS device. Actually, Robert will not be completely alone. Sense of adventure, freedom and passion for sports are values which will accompany him daily and proudly fostered by Tregoo supporting the Extreme Crew athletes.