Which solar kit can I use in an off-grid house?

 20/03/2015  Know How, Questions & Answers

Solar Kit for off-grid household


Which solar kit can I use for an off-grid house?  



The  power (Watt) necessary for an off-grid house varies according to different factors, above all related to consumption habits.
In many cases it is necessary to power the equipment and the appliances of an off-grid house, maybe by the seaside or in the mountains, as in the usual household. To meet this requirements, Tregoo has conceived a portable solar kit, the K3, that equals the 3kW provided by the electrical grid.

Anyway, this isn’t a correct approach to the sizing of the solar kit. The user should make an estimate of the actual consumptions (go to this link for a useful table of the average consumptions of the most common appliances and electrical devices) and therefore calculate how much energy he needs (Watts generated by the solar panel *) and how much energy stock he should have in case of no sun (Watt/hour accumulated by the Power Pack).

In many cases we realize that an off-grid household can be electrified by a Solar Power Station smaller than the K3. For instance, the  Tregoo 40-500 Solar Power Station, which combines efficiency and portability, can ensure the daily function of a small fridge, led lights, a computer and even some hours of TV. This solar kit is composed of  Hippy 40 and of Gecko 500 which can store up to 500 Watt/hour of solar energy.

You can find here the technical specs of Tregoo 40-500.



The calculation of the exact energy production of a solar panel depends on its correct placement with respect to the direction of sunlight and to the solar power of the latitude in which it is placed. On the internet it is possible to benefit of free resources to make an estimate of the average solar power of the place of installation. We suggest, for example, the calculation page of the site The Solar Electricity Handbook

Another very interesting resource is the simulator Photovoltaic Geographical Information System offered by the European Union.

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