Mauro Prosperi left last Monday 20 July from the Messina coast to face a new exciting challenge. This time the ultra-marathoner will circumnavigate the whole Sicily and will paddle over a 600 miles route with his kayak!

Enrico Corsetti, sea enthusiast and catamaran skipper, implemented the Tregoo TL 20 solar panel a product which will allow to exploit sun energy while sailing!

The sodium hypochlorite is a very useful disinfectant, widely used in various contexts, especially for water purification. Here's the procedure to produce sodium hypochlorite. 

The Vettorini Team is a team led by Aldo Zanetti, composed of young bikers who enjoy themselves while pursuing their dream.

To fix the Tregoo solar panel on your own vehicle, you have to follow a few but fundamental rules. The polyurethane tape meets all of them. Here is which one to use!

The portability is the main characteristic of our products. The Tregoo solar panels weigh only a few kilos, but which is their actual size?  

On 12 May the adventure in Iceland of the Extreme Crew’s photographer began. Andrea Leone is travelling along a 2800 km path in which he is telling us - thanks to his terrific shots - about his feelings and emotions he captured from the grueling and fascinating Iceland territory.     

The choice of the number of solar panels is one of the most important stages for the installation of your own PV system. This article provides you with a very useful tool that will allow you to find the appropriate ratio between the available surface and the solar energy you need.  

Sometimes you might need to be able to remove the panel from its usual position. Tregoo gives you the perfect solution: you can order your panel provided with eyelets.


The athlete of the Tregoo Extreme Crew came back from Sahara with an excellent placing. Thanks to his Tregoo Power Station 10-50 he was able to keep charged all his mobile devices and so he could tell us about his extreme journey through the amazing pictures he took.