The action photographer Andrea Leone enters the TREGOO EXTREME CREW and he will use the  Tregoo Power Station 40-120 for its adventure in Iceland.

How is it possible to integrate the solar panels for sailboat on an electric system with a 24V battery pack ?

That's some news from our "extreme athlete" Robert Hewetson. It's our pleasure to publish his updates and feedback on Tregoo gear, along with a video that shows Robert who is shoving off the kayak, despite the inclement sea!

We officially communicate the winners of the contest for the realization of creative videos, launched this summer by Tregoo on community.

During the Eta Beta program of RAI Radio 1 channel, the 11th of December 2014, it has been talked about the Tregoo solar panels and the Solar Power Stations, with regard to a wider discussion about the climate change.

Athlete really whole and "extreme", Mauro Prosperi is an endurance runner who has faced the most challenging ultramarathons of the world. Tregoo will support him for his new adventures.

The athletic couple of the Volley Team has joined in with the Tregoo Extreme Crew. Partners in life and adventure, Roberto Ragazzi and Laura Trentani have covered thousands of kilometers in challenging places, from the Svalbard to Alaska, from Norway to Lapland and passing through Ecuador and Iceland.

Following the contest launched on Zooppa’s community of videomakers, Tregoo has decided to ask the Web audience for a hand to choose the best videos among the ones recently received. Watch the playlist uploaded on the Youtube channel and leave comments for the videos you like most.

Tregoo has created a blog where collecting all data and information concerning its products, company news, sponsorships and a lot of technical know-how.

Energy in the sea is particularly important, because it is associated with the concept of safety. That's why Solar Power Stations Tregoo have always been associated, since their conception, for use on boats.